Hacking the Apple TV

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This guide will help you with the following:

* Disabling the Firewall
* Enabling SSH & VNC
* Playing xvid/divx encoded stuff
* Stopping Watchdog
* Running Applications(Firefox, Centerstage, etc)
* Installing Quartz
* Extra info.

What you will need:

* 1 Computer(pref. Intel Mac)
* a torx 10(for the case) and a torx 8(for the hard drive)
* A way to hook up a 2.5?’ hard drive to your computer(can be found at bestbuy or radio shack ask for a “2.5?’ hard drive enclosure”
* A method of SSHv1 into a box(linux and mac have built in, windows can use putty get Putty and pSFTP)

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