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Google Chrome on Android has a “Listen to this Page” Feature

Google Chrome has introduced its native ‘Listen to this page’ text-to-speech (TTS) functionality. This feature is accessible within the three-dot menu of the Google Chrome Android app.

The mini-player has a circular play/pause button positioned on the left side, accompanied by the page title, site name, a progress bar, and a close button. Upon tapping the mini-player, users are presented with a new sheet UI, showcasing a detailed timeline indicating the article’s length, along with rewind and fast forward controls.

Additionally, the ‘Listen to this page’ TTS feature offers the ability to adjust playback speed, ranging from 0.5x to 4x.

  • To turn on this feature make sure you have Chrome 121 or above installed
  • then go to “chrome://flags#read-aloud”
  • You’ll see a bunch of options with “Read Aloud” as the first one
  • Click the drop-down and choose Enabled
  • Let it reset the application and then go back in
  • Now whatever page you are on… press the 3 dots in the top right corner
  • Select the Listen to this Page option
  • Now sit back and enjoy the audio

Golden Gate Bridge-sized asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31st

There’s no danger to Earth or the moon, so phew!!! Its a 1.7-mile long asteroid which pass by at about 3.6 million miles from the Earth (a weekend’s worth of drive ;)). Its called the “1998 QE2”.

Ramadan 2009 – The Big Picture –

Ramadan 2009 – The Big Picture –

In Muslim nations and regions around the globe, this is the first week of the holy month of Ramadan, a time for followers to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity during the day, breaking their fast each sunset, with traditional meals and sweets. During this time, Muslims are also encouraged to read the entire Quran, to give freely to those in need, and strengthen their ties to God through prayer. The goal of the fast is to teach humility, patience and sacrifice, and to ask forgiveness, practice self-restraint, and pray for guidance in the future. This year, Ramadan will continue until Saturday, September 19th.

A Life Revealed

A Life Revealed @

Names have power, so let us speak of hers. Her name is Sharbat Gula, and she is Pashtun, that most warlike of Afghan tribes. It is said of the Pashtun that they are only at peace when they are at war, and her eyes—then and now—burn with ferocity. She is 28, perhaps 29, or even 30. No one, not even she, knows for sure. Stories shift like sand in a place where no records exist. Time and hardship have erased her youth. Her skin looks like leather. The geometry of her jaw has softened. The eyes still glare; that has not softened.

The Wilhelm scream

Wilhelm scream – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Wilhelm scream is a stock sound effect first used in 1951 for the film Distant Drums. Actor-singer Sheb Wooley is considered to be the most likely voice actor for the scream, having appeared on a memo as a voice extra for the film.

The Wilhelm scream has been featured in many films and television programs since. Alongside a certain recording of the cry of the Red-tailed Hawk, the “Universal telephone ring”[1], the Goofy holler and “Castle thunder,” it is probably one of the best-known cinematic sound clichés.

Sales of Music, Long in Decline, Plunge Sharply

In a dramatic acceleration of the seven-year sales decline that has battered the music industry, compact-disc sales for the first three months of this year plunged 20% from a year earlier, the latest sign of the seismic shift in the way consumers acquire music.

The sharp slide in sales of CDs, which still account for more than 85% of music sold, has far eclipsed the growth in sales of digital downloads, which were supposed to have been the industry’s salvation.

UserHealth Official Homepage!

UserHealth Official Homepage! This free software is the perfect program for all computer users that spend several hours in front of the computer without breaks or pauses. It is also ideal for everybody that has difficulties in going to bed in time, like me 🙂

The purpose of this program is to be your silent health and sleep supervisor! What UserHealth actually will do is provide you with regular health, pause, and go to bed messages. The messages can be displayed like small popup windows in the right corner (Almost like a MSN login popup) or if you prefer a topmost window or just sound feedback. The messages will contain suggestions about pauses and small exercise that the user can do to stimulate the body. But the main purpose is to draw attention to the user that he or she has been using the computer for a long time and maybe need to take a break. – Study: Shoppers naive about retail prices online – Jun 1, 2005 – Study: Shoppers naive about retail prices online – Jun 1, 2005: “WASHINGTON (AP) — Most American consumers don’t realize Internet merchants and even traditional retailers sometimes charge different prices to different customers for the same products, according to a new survey.”