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My Blackberry is not working

This is just brilliant

BlueStacks: Android Emulator

The emulator works full screen on a Windows platform where you can test out/use all your own apps that you have on your phone/tablet (paid and unpaid).
You start off with installing the emulator which creates an account with the BlueStacks cloud. Then it provides a PIN. You then download and install the BlueStacks Cloud app on your phone, put in the PIN and then you can export out all your apps and it automatically appear on your emulator.

The emulator can be downloaded from here

The good features are for the developers so they can test thing out on a bigger screen with keyboard support. For me its providing a good platform to do app writeups on various applications with excellent screenshots. Here are a few of them:

Facepad (>.

The long awaited app is almost here (probably this evening). Facebook for iPad is finally here. Go get your copy on the App Store later today.

Hotmail getting hotter

Looks like Hotmail is getting a redesign. Including a bazillion filtering options and a brand new app Android app with 2-way sync for email, contacts AND calendar.


The filtering also includes an “unsubscribe” feature that lets you cancel subscriptions to newsletters you signed for during weak moments. It would also feature a scheduled cleanup feature which would delete certain types of emails after a designated number of days.

You can also create custom categories right where the emails lie. Think of them as Labels in GMail. Just select an item in your inbox and create a custom selection filter of similar items and you’re all done.

And, last but not least, you’ll now see so-called Instant Actions (e.g., “delete,” “flag”) when you hover over messages. The changes will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for them.